A Quick Guide on How Different Car Parts Work

A Quick Guide on How Different Car Parts Work

There are many parts that are attached with a single car and each and every part has different functionality. The issue in a single part can affect the working of a car. Even the issue in a single cable of a battery can cause a big issue. To maintain car parts on a regular basis so that it works properly. There are different sensors are also the main part of a car. If any sensor stop working then it affects many things in a car. Here is a description of the working of some car parts and sensors.

Air Fuel Ratio (A/F) Sensor

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor is the source for adjusting the air to fuel ratio. Its working is to measure the oxygen content in the exhaust. After the measurement, it sends feedback to the engine computer (PCM). On the base of its feedback, computer adjusts the air to fuel ratio. So it is important sensor in a car and on the basis of its working, air to fuel ratio became adjustable.


This is also an important part that is attached to the engine. This run by a drive belt. During the working of the engine, it generates electric power to charge the battery. It is the most important part that charges a battery and on the basis of this part, car remains in working condition. Although it does not need any maintenance on a regular basis it can stop working if burdened it with a long drive.

Battery Sensor

It is another sensor installed in every vehicle to measure the current to and from battery. It is also called a battery current sensor. It tells all the things related to battery such as state of charge, voltage and lifetime of a battery. It also measures the temperature of the battery. The measurement of battery temperature is no working in every car. It is specific for some cars.

Cooling System

Keeping a car engine cool while driving is most important for safe journey. So, to keep car engine cool, every car has cooling system that maintains the heat of engine. This system keeps safe the engine from overheating. The system is connected with a radiator and it is connected in the form of loop. It is filled with coolant. Whenever the engine heats up, the cooling system sends coolant that flows through the engine and keeps it cool. The coolant absorbs all the heat from the engine. In this way car engine remains cool and performs well while driving.

Disk Brakes

This is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. It connected with brake pedal. It has its own working capability to maintain all the tasks related to brake well maintained. It works in a way that when you press the brake pedal, the brake fluid pushes the piston out of the brake caliper. In this way, the piston pushes the inner pad away from the caliper. It pushes the caliper towards the brake rotor. The two brake pads forcing it to stop. This is the main part that let the brake pedal to work properly.


There are many fuses that are installed in a car that works to defend electric circuits from overload. There are many circuits in a car and every circuit has its own fuses. For high current circuit, these fuses used with high ampere rating. The same high current rating fuses used for multiple circuits. Every vehicle has at least one main fuse that works properly with all the other fuses and maintains their working a good way.

Oil Pump

The oil pump is the main part for the engine to create the oil pressure in the lubrication system. It is installed inside the front engine. In some vehicles, it has separate unit near the front end of the engine. It does not affect oil pressure if not maintained on a regular basis. In short, the oil pump doesn’t have any maintenance requirements. You can replace it if any major change in the engine needed.

These all are the main role parts in a car. There are many other parts that have separate working. Every part has its own role in a car. It is very difficult to maintain a car without a single working part in a car.

Troubleshooting Tips When Your Car Won’t Start

Troubleshooting Tips When Your Car Won’t Start

When you want to go anywhere urgently but your car won’t start then it became so irritating. It is the most irritating thing when you get late from somewhere because of your car. Every car owner experiences this thing at least once in life. If it happens with you and you are unable to start your car again then don’t you worry because every solution has a problem.

There are many things that go wrong but every problem related to a car also has a solution. Some people go to professional vehicle companies for the solution of their problems related to cars. Whereas, others go to local shops for the repair and fixing of your car. If your car has an issue and because of that issue you are unable to move a car then there are a lot of towing services who towed your car to a local repair shop. In case of any issue, you can also call a local automobile association for the repairmen of your car who send their team with few hours. Similarly, there are many other ways by following you can get help.

If your car won’t start and you want to know the reason and want its solution then there are few steps that need to follow. For knowing the actual issue, you need to follow the steps of starting a car that what is the actual issue and from where it starts. Once you get to know the main issue then you can take a step for its solution that what you should do now. Every car has different start option. Some cars start with a key while some have a push button to start it.

Does the Key Turn in the Ignition?

Check whether the key is turning into the ignition or not. If it does not turn then there is some reason behind it.

  • Sometimes it does not turn because of locked steering with the front wheels. If this is the case then turn the steering wheel left and right while slowly jiggling the ignition key. It may help you to release the steering wheel and open the lock.
  • Another reason is that there may be an issue with the ignition lock or with the key. Sometimes it happens when lock and key reach its life cycle. If this is the case then use another key.
  • If nothing works then it will be a wise idea to visit a local repair shop to turn your engine on.

Troubleshooting Tips When Your Car Won’t Start

Here is something that you need to check first if your car won’t start.

  • First of all, check the battery. If the battery is working properly or not.
  • If the battery is working properly but still there is an issue in the car then check in which mode car is not starting the engine. Sometimes there is a problem in the neutral safety switch then the car doesn’t start in neutral mode.
  • You should check the battery cables that the cables are not corroded and tight.
  • You can check the fuel that is there any fuel in the car to start it. Sometime car won’t start because fuel gauge does not work properly. Because of the issue in fuel gauge, fuel tank reaches out of fuel while fuel gauge showing some fuel left. This issue persists because there is no other way of checking petrol in the fuel tank. You can check this issue by check how long did you drive since the last fill-up.
  • Check the instrument panel that key-shaped light is blinking or stable.
  • Sometime cars won’t start because of a security issue because your car has anti-theft system that sometimes doesn’t allow the car to move on.

These all are the things that you need to check before visiting a local repair shop or any professional vehicle company to repair your car. Although it is very frustrating when you start a car and it won’t start then you even don’t know the reason why it is so. If you cannot reach the main issue then you should visit a local repair shop.

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